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The uSleeve is an ESD sleeve for electronics components. Bring order to your SMT and SMD parts. Supports most standard ribbons, tapes and tubes.


Designed for universal fit in all global standard hole spacing ring binders. Sleeves have a white space for component identification with marker pen.

The maximum tape/ribbon/tube width:

  • SL10H – 22 mm
  • SL07H – 35 mm

They come in 10 pouch (SL10H) and 7 pouch (SL07H) versions for wider tapes and parts

  1. 1 x pack of 10 x SL10H sleeves
  2. 1 x pack of 10 x SL07H sleeves
  3. Hole reinforcement adhesive strips
  4. Free worldwide postage

You’ll get 20 µSleeves total, for a total pouch count of 170!

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Weight - 0.24 kg

Dimensions - 22.7 x 33.0 x 0.6 cm

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